Board Members

2022-2023 Officers &
Special Appointments

Heather Adkins

Vice President
Arley McCormick

Cooper Murray

Recording Secretary
Sharon Lang

Corresponding Secretary
SueAnne Griffith

Deane Dayton

HOPE Coordinator
Amelia Parks

Historical Review Editor
Arley McCormick

Head of Marker Committee
Alex Luttrell

Student Resource Officer
Daniel Rhodes

Board Members:
Cait Monroe, William Hampton, Deane Dayton, and Katie Hale
Past Presidents/Ex-Officio Board Members:
David Hitt, Jacque Reeves, Ron Bledsoe, Joyce Smith, Gary Wicks, John Allen, and Blake Dorning.

In Memory of
Ranee’ Pruitt

Ranee’ inspired many local writers and researchers with her wealth of historical knowledge and contributed greatly to hundreds of articles, books, and lineage society applications. As a board member of the Huntsville-Madison County Historical Society, archivist at the Huntsville-Madison County Public Library, member and officer of several organizations, author of Eden of the South, A Chronology of Huntsville, Alabama 1805-2005, and recipient of multiple awards for her outstanding contributions, Ranee’ was the go-to source for Huntsville history.

All historical images are courtesy of HMCPL Special Collections.